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Guard your homes against Yuletide fire

by Admin | 16 December 2014

In recent years, Metro Manila has been placed on heightened alert during Christmas season due to anticipated fire accidents. Data from the Bureau of Fire Protection shows that for the last five years, fire risk during this joyous season increases as Filipino families light up their homes.

Use of defective Christmas lights is among the leading causes of Yuletide fires. To ensure that your Christmas will indeed be merry and not fiery, Malayan Insurance, the country’s no. 1 nonlife insurer, gives tips for a safe and fire-free Yuletide season.

For those who have yet to purchase Christmas lights, avoid buying low quality lights that are sold at very cheap prices as these might turn out to be substandard. Always look for the import commodity clearance (ICC) mark, a proof that the item complies with the standards and is safe to use.

When using old Christmas lights, carefully check the wires, bulbs and plugs. Never use damaged sets as these may trigger fire. In installing the lights, hire a licensed electrician to do the job, especially if the lights will be hung outdoors. Fasten the lights securely to protect them from strong winds.

Candles used as decorations must be placed in stable and secured holders. Keep them off combustible materials and away from children. When you go to bed or leave the house, put the fire out. Turn the Christmas lights off as well.

For home insurance policyholders, now is also a good time to check if your policies cover damages resulting from fire. A regular home insurance does not cover fire damages, which means you have to pay additional premium. Malayan Insurance offers Home Protect Plus which has tucked-in fire insurance coverage. It gives 6-in-1 value coverage for your property, valuable household contents and legal liability for the whole family.

This Christmas keep in mind that prevention is the best way to ensure the safety of your family this season of joy. For more information about Home Protect Plus and other safety tips, visit

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