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Malayan Insurance offers 24/7 roadside assistance

by Admin | 20 March 2015

The summer season sees an exodus of families and friends going on long road trips. For a hassle-free and safe summertime journey, Malayan Insurance, the country’s number 1 nonlife insurer, shares safety tips to keep everyone out of harm’s way.

Before your long drive, inspect and ensure the condition of your car. Make sure that the engine, brake, battery, and lights and signals are properly functioning.

Check also if it is due for engine oil change and if the tires have the right pressure. Bring spare tires and necessary tools like early warning devices. Given the hot weather, bringing water is also helpful to prevent the radiator from overheating.

In the summer months, the hot weather and hot road will invariably increase the pressure of your tire that may cause heat stress. To avoid tire heat stress, ensure that your tires are properly inflated and not worn out.

While on the road, follow traffic rules and regulations like speed limits and maintain safe distance from other vehicles. Remember to give about a car’s length of distance for every 20 kph speed.

Always wear a seatbelt. When stopping for rest at gas stations or stopovers, park in well-lit and populated areas.

When in an unfamiliar place, always be alert and keep a low profile to avoid attracting thieves, highway robbers, carjackers, and other road criminals.

 For emergencies, do not hesitate to call CAMILLE (687 8525), Malayan’s nationwide 24/7 roadside assistance, which is exclusive for Malayan Insurance comprehensive motorcar policyholders.

CAMILLE covers free emergency towing, mechanical breakdown, repatriation of vehicle, alternative travel, and hotel accommodation. And if the insured meets an accident and needs to be hospitalized, CAMILLE will arrange for proper medical transportation and emergency admission. Referral to repair and legal services are also included.

Summer trips should be fun and relaxing. Plan ahead to eliminate worries from unpredictable events. For more information about CAMILLE and Malayan’s motorcar insurance products, call (+632) 628-8600 or visit


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