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Fireproof your home this dry, fire-prone season

by Paulo | Apr 07, 2022


As heat indices continue to rise, the risk of a fire destroying households, commercial establishments, or densely populated areas becomes an even greater probability. 

The hot, dry season often translates to more people overusing household appliances to the point of overheating or overloading a house’s built-in electrical wiring.

A Bureau of Fire Protection report cited by the Department of the Interior and Local Government Secretary Eduardo M. Año showed that the majority of the 2,181 fires recorded nationwide from January 1 to March 4, 2022, were caused by electrical ignitions through arcing which led to overloaded and overheated wiring or loose connections.1

These fires resulted in more than PHP640.9 million in damage to properties. 

However, aside from the loss of valuables, financial impact, and physical injuries, fire victims also suffer from emotional distress, shock, and a sense of security in the aftermath of a fire. 

Although nothing can replace the value of time-treasured belongings nor 

the sense of comfort they bring, having a comprehensive home insurance policy like Malayan Insurance Co. Inc.’s Home Protect can help fire victims rebuild and regain their footing. 

Home Protect covers the losses incurred if a residence goes up in fire. It helps reduce the financial expenses of constructing a new home or repairing the damaged one.

It also takes care of unexpected fees that usually pile up in the aftermath of a fire, such as firefighting expenses, debris removal, professional fees for architects and surveyors, alterations & repairs, and alternative accommodation.    

As an added feature, it also safeguards other structures separate from the main house, such as garages, guest houses, annexes, or extensions of their property.  

On top of its fire-related coverage, Malayan’s Home Protect also provides a financial safety net from calamities such as earthquakes, typhoons, floods, volcanic eruptions.

Homeowners are also shielded from burglary and housebreak-ins and liability costs of accidents on their property. 

Malayan’s non-life, annual, four-in-one Home Protect policy also includes family hospitalization insurance, household employee insurance, and valuable items protection.

Its far-reaching coverage insures every person or item in your household, from family members and household employees to your beloved artwork. 

More importantly, this policy gives every homeowner a chance to secure those they hold most dear 24/7, whether during the fire-prone dry season or the typhoon and flood-riddled wet season.  

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