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Affordable yet comprehensive Home insurance for Filipinos

by ecommerce | Nov 29, 2019


Despite the growing necessity to acquire home insurance protection, Filipinos have the notion that it is expensive.

But in fact, Malayan Insurance’s property insurance products are low-cost and affordable yet provide wide-ranging property insurance coverage. It offers comprehensive home and property insurance for premium payment of Php 1,200.00 per year for a Php 1,000,000.00 worth of coverage.

This means if a typical Filipino with a take-home pay of Php 537 a day is planning to buy Malayan’s affordable home insurance, he needs to save at least Php 3.30 a day.

This relieves the burden of paying a big amount at once for protection of the property against earthquakes, floods, fire, and even burglary.

For only less than Php 5.00 per day, for a home worth an average of Php1 million, your property, family and assets are protected.

With the suddenness of fire incidents, typhoons or earthquakes in certain areas, property insurance is beneficial to keep yourself from being homeless.

Aside from this, Malayan’s Home Protect Plus has extended coverage that expands its benefits to family members, household employees, and even valuable items. They offer a 6-in-1 value coverage that features the property insurance itself, personal liability, personal accident, hospitalization, a household employee and declared valuable items.

There are insurance products that are budget-friendly but do not compromise on protection. Filipinos just need to turn to the right entities to get affordable property insurance, to secure their homes and property from various threats, and live comfortably.

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