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Long Weekend Travel Guide | Second Half 2017

by Admin | May 04, 2017


April 29 to May 1 was epic! It didn’t matter if you had a staycation, transformed into a couch potato, backpacked to another country or partied in one of the many beaches in the Philippines, that 3-day weekend was memorable. It’s hard to get back in the grind after a long weekend but we still have at least 4 long weekends to look forward to! What a good way to wander around the country! Hit the beach, trek that mountain, or have a staycation with your special someone. As a bonus, we’re sharing with you our perfect playlist for that perfect weekend getaway.

June 10 to 12, 2017: Freedom Weekend! (June 12, Monday, Independence Day)

Go Hiking! Now Playing: John Legend’s #ULAPMe

Because we don’t only climb the corporate ladder, we also climb mountains, literally.

Mt. Ulap is located in Itogan, Benguet around 5 hours from Manila. Not only is this mountain recommended for beginners, with a 4/10 trail difficulty score, you’ll also look forward to Cordillera Mountain view and some pine trees. Mt. Ulap has a height of 1,846meters above sea level. Upon descent, you can pass by 3 burial caves where Igorots practice their feast.

August 19 to 21, 2017: Valiant Weekend (August 21, Monday, Ninoy Aquino Day)

Try Canyoneering! Now Playing:  Ellie Goulding’s #LoveMeLikeCebu

Warning: Only for the brave at heart!

As Nelson Mandela said, [JovyA1] The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” Overcome that fear of heights and visit the famous Kawasan Falls! There are tour guides present at the site who are very patient and accommodating. Just be sure to wear your life vest and helmet, and follow the instructions of your tour guides. That’s about an 18-20 feet jump!

August 26 to 28, 2017: Memorable Weekend (August 28, Monday, National Heroes Day)

Go back in time! Now Playing: The Carpenters #We’veOnlyJustVigan

Because sometimes, it’s also good to visit your past.

Going to Vigan requires a lot of patience as it is an 8-hour ride from Manila if you’re using a private vehicle. But if you’re going to commute, it’s going to be a 14-hour ride. Go on a tour, ride a kalesa and revisit history while going through Vigan’s streets. It’s also considered as one of the UNESCO Heritage Sites. You can also check out new hotels around Ilocos -- there’s a new Santorini-inspired hotel that just opened! And it costs much less than going to Greece itself.


December 23 to 25, 2017: Christmas weekend! (December 25, Monday, Christmas Day)

Wander around Batanes! Now Playing Gary Valenciano’s #BascoNaSintaKo

What better way to spend Christmas than to avoid the congested lanes in EDSA, right?

A trip to Batanes might burn a hole in your pocket, but hey, you have all the year to save up! Instead of visiting crowded malls and experiencing people buying last minute gifts, why not spend a peaceful Christmas in Batanes? Experience the friendly and accommodating Ivatans. While you’re there, drop by the famous Honesty Store: “A store that is too small for dishonest people.” Don’t miss the stunning sunset by the lighthouse!


Another possible long weekend:

June 24– June 26, 2017 (June 26 (TBC), Monday, Eid’l Fitr)

Escape the city! Now Playing: Lady Gaga’s #BaguioMance

If you’re not up for some extreme adventure, you can always spend the weekend indoors.

Beat the heat with a cozy staycation in Baguio! Step away from the polluted city and breathe in some fresh air to relax your mind. Try to shut down your laptops and do away with social media for the whole weekend. Have some fresh strawberries for breakfast and of course, the famous strawberry taho for snacks! Don’t forget to drop by the market and bring home some pasalubong from Good Shepherd for your friends.


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Written by Patricia Landingin of Malayan Insurance