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Payment Options

by Admin | May 16, 2018


There is more than one way to secure your Malayan Insurance policies – new or renewals. You can pay via RCBC branch, RCBC Online Banking and Unionbank. Each payment option is easy to use:

For branch or over-the-counter payments, get a Bills Collection Slip, similar to the image below. Make sure it has a duplicate attached to it so at the end of the transaction, there’s a copy for you and a copy for the teller. Just fill it out and present it to the RCBC teller together with your payment.

Make sure the following fields are filled-out (refer to the image below):

1.       1. Write “Malayan Insurance Co., Inc.” or “MICO”

2.       2. Indicate your Policy Number

3.       3. Write the Assured’s Name

4.       4. For cash payments, indicate total amount to be paid

4.       5. For Check payments, indicate the Drawee bank & branch, Account & check number then the amount

You can also pay online via RCBC Online Banking. Go to RCBC Online Banking in your Desktop and log-in. If you do not have an RCBC Online Banking account yet, visit this link to Enroll. Then follow these steps:

1. Select "Pay Bills"

2. If Malayan Insurance is your Enrolled Biller, select "Malayan Insurance" from the "Pay to" drop down

3. If Malayan Insurance is not among your Enrolled Billers, click on "List of Billers", select "Life Insurance" then click on "Malayan Insurance"

4. Fill-out all the required information

5. When done, click "Submit" and RCBC will send you an email as confirmation of the transaction

You can also pay via RCBC Online Banking App:

1. After logging-in, select "Payment" in the main menu

2. Select "Non-Enrolled Biller"

3. Select "All" then click on "Malayan Insurance"

4. Fill-out the information needed then Submit

5. The app will confirm your payment information and you will also receive an email

You can also pay via Unionbank by filling-out the Bills Payment form in duplicate as shown below. Here are important information you need to indicate:

1. Write Malayan Insurance Co., Inc. or MICO

2. Write the Assured’s Name

3. Tick mode of payment (cash, check or debit from Unionbank account) Note: separate bills payment slip for check and cash

4. Indicate the Policy no. to be paid and billing reference number-applicable only for Y2018 incepted policies (found on the upper right hand corner of the premium billing)

5. Indicate details of cash or check payment

Finally, if you purchase any Malayan Insurance product online via, you can pay for it online too using your credit card! Malayan Insurance continues to give its clients more options to secure their non-life insurance policies.