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Annual Travel Insurance


Travel Master’s Annual Plan, the Frequent Flyer Special, is specially packaged for on-the go travellers. This plan has an unlimited number of trips per year, with a maximum limit of ninety (90) consecutive days per trip for the purpose leisure, studying/exchange student programs, study grants, corporate training/seminars and/or on-the-job training (non hazardous).

The Insureds shall be enjoying the full benefits per trip, regardless if they have filed a claim on during their first trips covered by the policy. They also need not to declare their itinerary prior to flying out.

The Frequent Flyer is available across all three (3) Travel Master variants – Local, Asian and Wordwide. Below is the premium table for each:

Php 6,075.00 Php 7,075.00 Php 10,195.00

In terms of age eligibility, this plan may be availed by individuals from 1 to 64 years of age. Minors (1 to 17 years), should be accompanied by and adult (parent or guardian).

For inquiries, call (02) 242-8888 or your Malayan Insurance Agent.